Never, I repeat, never agree to present anything using any web tool without first practicing your delivery and testing the tool's capabilities.

Granted, I have used Webex hundreds of times. But apparently the folks who asked me to present today had experienced problems with their solution before and there was a conflict with PowerPoint 2007.  So you need to test your particular slide configuration with their particular Webex configuration, phone lines etc. Don't ever assume it will work.

I can only offer my heartfelt apologies to the poor attendees who had to suffer through the missing visuals that were the key to my entire presentation today. And the worst part is, they did get to see the first two slides, one with the title and my name and the second with my bio, website link and photo. No way those people are going to forget the lousy presenter they saw today.  

That's how we learn, and no matter how smart and professional you think you are or how many books you have written and blogs you have authored, there is absolutely no substitute for good preparation, planning and practice.

Shame on me.

Neal Hannon
2/18/2009 11:12:04 am


Been there, done that. I can remember a live session when for the entire afternoon, i couldn't get internet connection! Only 120 forgiving people in the audience. It happens to all of us!

2/19/2009 05:34:40 am

Welcome to the ranks of the mortal.... I was teaching a QuickBooks class in KC about 3 years ago, and got the blue screen of death on my PC - no backup machine, no plan B, etc.

I'm not trying to downplay the importance of adequate preparation (a lesson I have also learned the hard way), but I think it's important to not be too hard on past events. Remember - our mistakes (big and small) make us human to attendees. We certainly don't want to make them, but let's not forget that everyone in the room has had a technical difficulty in a speech (or a nightmare about speaking). A humble acknowledgement of the issue, a kind smile and an apology (whether or not it's your fault) will go a long way toward disarming a hostile crowd.

7/2/2023 06:13:34 am

Thanks for a great reaad


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